Many of us are craving to be loved and seen for who we really are. When we share our true self with others, it’s food for our soul.

Women often come to me with feelings of disconnection and dissatisfaction.  

You know there is something more, but you don’t know how to connect with it or how to find it. Maybe you are feeling like you have lost yourself or that you don’t know yourself.  Or maybe you have lost your sense of joy and love, or need to work through anger or grief.

Ready to come back to yourself?

I stand for you to know who you are and live from that place so your actions spring from the depth of your heart.

I guide women to connect with what really matters.  My work has elements of ritual, spirituality, and connection with the earth. Working with me will connect you to your essence and inner ground.

Let’s create a better world so that when you take your last breath, it’s a breath of joy and peace, not fear and regret.  And so this beautiful, life giving Earth can continue to bless all beings and future generations.

My story

Spending Eight Weeks In The Wilderness With A Small Group Sparked My Soul Calling And Set The Course Of My Life.

In 1994 I backpacked throughout California during my last semester of college studying Ecopsychology and rites of passages.  As I ventured deeper into the mountains and deserts, the mental chatter and self-critical voice inside me subsided. I felt that I really knew and loved myself for the first time. Enlivened by the transformation, I was inspired to become a Wilderness Rites of Passage guide and Ecotherapist. 





Over The Course Of Time I Couldn’t Sustain What I’d Found On That Backpacking Trip. 

I returned to the painful habit of searching outside of myself for validation, self-worth and love. Six years into a relationship, I had lost myself to the point where I was anxious and depressed and entertained ending it all.  I turned to therapy and hoping that spending time outdoors would further help me, I moved to a ski resort.  Skiing deep powder snow nearly every day lifted me out of a very dark time in my life.  With new found confidence, I traveled alone for two months in the mountains of Nepal and the beaches of Thailand.  Upon my return, I started graduate school.


I Found A Way to Bring Together All Of My Interests To Create My Life’s Work.

I studied Somatic Psychology and searched for ways to integrate Ecopsychology. I found The School of Lost Borders and went on my first Vision Quest. The spark I had on the college trip burst into flame.  I began enthusiastically training to become a rites of passage guide, while simultaneously becoming a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  

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As Much As I Loved Being A Guide And Therapist, I Knew There Was A Missing Piece.  

The sense of self I connected to out in nature didn’t sustain itself on a daily basis. Then in 2005 I met a woman who profoundly changed my life.  I have been in her weekly group, which is rooted in embodied psychological and Vajrayana Buddhist practices, ever since.  My true self finally found a home to rest and grow.




Nature Is A Doorway To Show Us Who We Really Are.

Our True Nature Is Nurtured With A Spiritual Practice.

So it is this deep sense of home that I bring to my work as a Wilderness Rites of Passage guide and therapist. Once we taste our true nature, we can embark on a path of making this the ground for our life.  I am wholly devoted to this path personally and to being a guide for others, especially women.  I want women to know who they truly are, to fully love and express themselves.  To know that they are not alone, that they are deeply connected. To inspire them to be the unique embodiment and expression of all their beautiful, radiant gifts!


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Amy Biesemeyer, Marriage Family Therapist, license #46767, has worked with adults and youth in the outdoors since 1995 and has been a Wilderness Rites of Passage guide and trainer since 2004.  Additionally, since 2003 she has been working as a therapist in Marin County. She is especially passionate about working with groups of women and teen girls, having deeply explored her own womanhood through women’s therapy groups and earning a BA in Women’s Studies. Drawing upon mind-body practices, she enriches her work with meditation, expressive arts and embodied inquiry. She trained with the School of Lost Borders, holds a Masters in Somatic Psychotherapy from The California Institute for Integral Studies and is a Wilderness First Responder.  As a Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, trainer and therapist, she draws upon her experiences of being a student of Jennifer Welwood and the Diamond Heart Approach.




“I’m filled with deep gratitude for you sharing this experience with me, and you showing up with so much authenticity and embodied feminine power. Really a precious gift to have been in your presence. And really affirming of how powerful potent presence is, and how nourishing. Thank you.” 

Megan Walrod

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