In considering a therapist for your daughter, you want someone that you and your daughter can feel good about and can help navigate the journey towards better well-being.  Girls can greatly benefit and blossom from having a skilled, supportive woman with whom they feel safe to fully explore themselves.  Over the years, I have developed a strong affinity for youth.  From camp counselor, to outdoor educator, to teen rites of passage guide, I have worked with youth since I was a teenager myself.  I have also been a leader for the Stepping Stones Project and have taught the teen meditation class at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. 

You don’t have to hold the stress of the challenges your daughter is facing alone and figure it all out yourself.  I am happy to talk with you about your hopes and concerns for your daughter.  I will help you decide whether she would benefit from working with me individually or in my group, or a combination of both.   


Individual Therapy for Middle School and High School Girls

Teens greatly benefit from having adults in their lives who they can trust and with whom they can be real.  I take a mentoring and creative approach.  I draw upon Expressive Arts therapy, guided visualization and mindfulness.  I use various exercises to help girls get to know themselves and develop their values.  When I work with girls, I also meet with their parents to gather history, understand hopes and concerns, as well as offer my assessment and recommendations.


I am especially skilled helping girls with the following

·        Depression

·        Anxiety

·        Social anxiety

·        Low self esteem

·        Sexuality

·        Self harm

·        Body Image

·        Divorce

·        Support with becoming a young woman


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Group Therapy for High School Girls


“Girls Rock!”:  A Place to be Seen, Supported and Celebrated


Teen girls are in a transition of becoming more of who they are. They’re becoming more independent, articulating their opinions, discovering their values, making choices, developing relationships and differentiating from their families.  Girls Rock! is a place to do all this and more in a mindful, safe, fun and real way. 

In this group girls will:

  • practice a variety of skills, such as mindfulness, that will ground and guide them

  • build relationships with one another that are respectful and authentic

  • learn the art of Council, an intentional way of speaking and listening to foster communication and relational skills

  • spend time in nature to develop a connection with the natural world and have fun together

103-Mary-Serphos-2806 (002).jpg

My colleague, Mary Serphos MFT, co-leads Girls Rock with me. Mary has been compassionately guiding children and teens and families in a therapeutic settings for the past 25 years. As a licensed psychotherapist she offers a range of modalities including mindfulness practices, expressive arts and Ecotherapy. Her training as a nutrition consultant and coach ensures a full spectrum of support. Mary is open to working with individuals of all races, religions, and socioeconomic status, as well as gender nonconforming and transgender individuals. Go to to find out more about Mary and her therapy practice.

Together we bring over 50 years of combined experience working with teens.  We’re dedicated and skilled in supporting youth and their families in navigating the teen years.   Our group provides conscious and caring mentoring, and a safe space for self- discovery and growth.   

Interested in having your daughter join Girls Rock?  I am happy to speak with you and offer a free 20 minute phone consultation (415) 419-3557.  Or if you prefer to email me, click here.




Mondays 4:15-5:45pm



711 D St. Suite 204, San Rafael, CA  94901



$110 per meeting, some scholarships available



Seasonal weekend daylong meetings in nearby natural settings and parent educational and support meetings, separate fee applies.

Interested in having your daughter join Girls Rock?  I am happy to speak with you and offer a free 20 minute phone consultation (415) 419-3557.  OR IF YOU PREFER TO EMAIL ME, CLICK HERE.