One Nature Therapy is a place for women to come home to themselves.  We live in a time when it is so easy to lose ourselves.  It's so easy to get lost in our intimate relationships, our children, our work...or in the demands of life.  We can get stressed out, ungrounded and not feel like ourselves. 

When we are connected with ourselves, we can connect more fully with the people we love and with what we love to do.

            Amy Biesemeyer

            Amy Biesemeyer

For nearly fifteen years I have been passionate about guiding women to connect with their deepest, most authentic self so that they can live life from that place.  Whether you choose to work with me in the outdoors or in my office, I am committed to you being your true self... grounded, empowered and whole.  I am a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide and Trainer, leading daylong to yearlong group experiences and trainings in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I am also a licensed Marriage Family Therapy, license #46767, specializing in working with women and teen girls in Marin County.  





Nature Programs for Women

Discover the transformational power of aligning your healing and growth with the natural world. 

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Somatic Ecopsychology Training

Group and individual apprenticeships to learn how to incorporate Ecotherapy and body based techniques into your work. 

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Therapy for women and teen girls

Looking for support for yourself or your daughter?  I offer affordable individual and group therapy. 

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If your curiosity is sparked, then take a look at what I'm offering women in gorgeous outdoor settings, as well as in my therapy practice for women and teen girls. 

Want to hear more about what I do?  I am happy to speak with you!  Call me, Amy Biesemeyer, for a free phone consultation.  Click here to contact me.