As women, we value our growth and well-being.  Not only does it benefit us, it benefits those we love.  We put a lot of time and energy into our relationships and we want our relationships to be fulfilling, and be a place where love and joy is shared.  We know that the more we value and love ourselves, the more fulfilling our life and relationships can be.  For many of us, we have to learn to value and love ourselves.  It takes practice, but the rewards are invaluable!

If you are a woman looking for a therapist, being on a path of self-discovery and transformation is important to you.  And it’s important to have an ally and guide on this journey.  I would be honored to join you, as a woman and skilled therapist who has been on a path of growth my entire adult life.  I combine over ten years of practicing therapy with a style that gives you both the space and direction to connect with your deepest self and be guided by the wisdom found there.

The heart of my approach comes from ten years of being a student of embodied, psychological/spiritual practices from Jennifer Welwood and the Diamond Heart Approach. I am also trained in Somatic Psychotherapy and Ecotherapy. 

You will find that I am not a traditional therapist.  Instead of putting all of your focus on trying to change challenging circumstances, I will help you develop a body-centered presence so you can meet challenges with groundedness and awareness.  I will help you come home to your true nature, a place that is free of self-doubt and self-criticism and the overwhelm of the pain of your past.   

In our work together I will support you to:

  • Recognize the strategies and defenses you developed in response to our upbringing

  • Be less overwhelmed and at the mercy of your thoughts and emotions

  • Develop inner support, so you are able to be with challenges, instead of avoiding, manipulating and/or judging them

  • Create space for your natural aliveness and essential self so qualities like joy, strength and wisdom shine through

  • Have greater capacity to face life’s challenges, more ease in your body and more freedom to express yourself

I want to support you in becoming more whole, grounded and free.  It is my greatest joy to guide and witness women in becoming who they fully are and living life from that place!  

Call me today for a free 20 minute phone consultation @ (415) 419-3557.  Or if you prefer to email me, click here.