Lie down with your belly on the ground, like an old dog in the sun. 

Let go.  Let your burdens drop.

 Lie down with your belly on the ground and then rise up with the earth still in you.

~From "Lie Down" by Nancy Paddock

Women's Nature Day

This daylong journey is for you if…

• You want to hit the pause button on life’s daily demands and be restored by the beauty and peace of nature.

• You are looking for the support of like-minded women and the luxury of time alone in a beautiful place outdoors.

• You are in a life transition and want guidance to let go of what no longer serves you and to step courageously into next steps for your life.

• You want to receive the inspirational power of deeply connecting with the natural                                                                     world and tap into your wisdom.


you will experience

On the Women’s Nature Day you will experience the three phases of a rite of passage.  These phases will take you through an age-old, cross cultural practice in which humans seek out the solace of nature to guide them through a life transition.  You will be a part of a small group, with no more than ten women. An average group size is six.  

The first part of the day is marked by the initial phase of a rite of passage, called Severance.  Severance is a conscious choice to step out of your daily life, opening to a new way of being.  With the support of a small group you will prepare for a period of solitude with nature.

You will…

  • Be guided to connect with the beauty and peace around you through your senses.

  • Connect with the group through simple ritual and sharing in circle.

  • Be supported in honing your intention and questions you want to engage during your solo time.

  • Be instructed on how to safely be in solitude.


The next part of the day is the second phase of a rite of passage called Threshold.  By stepping into the magical, wide open space of Threshold, you send an energetic message to your soul and the natural world that you are ready to deeply listen and receive wisdom, guidance, nurturing...whatever you long for.

  • A bird soaring gracefully with the wind can remind you to let life support you.

  • A clear, running stream can inspire you to give thanks for what you hold dear in life.

  • A mountain top can serve as your stage to claim a new way of being.

  • A soft, lush green meadow can invite you to lie down and receive the rejuvenating energy of the Earth.


The last part of the day is the phase called Reincorporation.  You will return from your solo and be welcomed back into the circle.  

During this final phase, you will…

  • Share the experience of your solo time and receive the gift of hearing the stories of your fellow participants.

  • Have your story mirrored back to you by the guides, a rich process which draws out the wisdom, teaching and essential qualities of your experience.

  • Be supported in taking a particular action and/or practice you want to carry forward as a way for your experience to take root in your life.

The Women’s Nature Day includes a private pre-daylong phone call with me to help bring clarity to your intentions and a private post-daylong phone call to support you with integration.  

what women are saying

“The location for our Nature Day was magical, it felt nourishing to be on such sacred and diverse land.  My solo time in nature was the absolute highlight for me.  It was EXACTLY what my heart had been yearning for. It was also incredibly inspiring to hear and be witnessed by others in such an honored way. I especially appreciated that at the end we were given tools to bring each of our experiences into our lives with practical next steps.  I now want to do a Nature Day at least once a year! It's such a beautiful way to let go of what no longer serves and step boldly forward into the future. Amy is a fantastic guide. She holds a beautiful, safe space that is filled with a love for both people and nature. I felt cared for yet very supported to make my own choices throughout the Nature Day.”     ~ Tracy Lee Jones


If you are a therapist or a therapist in training, particularly if you have not had any experience with Ecotherapy or Ecopsychology-in-practice, I cannot recommend these workshops more. Participating in Amy's outdoor offerings over the last few years grounded my work in a deeper, more fundamental understanding of the human organism and how it relates to and uses its surroundings to make sense of its internal world - and how we've become internally disorganized due to the daily deprivation of that connection to nature's mirror.”  ~Meghan O’Connor


“I understood some things about how I approach life through my solo….choosing to go up a high and somewhat steep hill, what that meant in terms of focus, energy, expectations and endurance. The mini journey served as a metaphor for some things I am grappling with now. It reinforced just how much I can restore from and get out of being on my own in nature.  There is always an important nugget of clarity for whatever it is that is going on in my life for which I am generally seeking insight. There’s also a sense of inner alignment. I am also reminded that this is not new to me…that these experiences are and have always been a very important part of my life. There is gratitude. I love connecting with Self and with a circle of women…so good.”  ~ Iris Brito Stevens

Kristin Anderson.jpg

“What an amazing day! As I think about my experience, I'm aware of how the particular women who were there really made my day as special as it was! And I loved the rituals that we did!! I've done rituals with other groups and they haven't been done with the power that was imparted that day. I also learned that I NEED connection to land. I need it daily, if I can get it. It heals me. It honestly healed my heart and mind. Thank you so much for helping to create this experience for us!” ~Kristin Anderson


“I just want to thank you, from deep down, for providing such a clean, clear, structured day that enabled me to get just what I needed to keep on keeping on. You spoke thoughtfully and personally, and it was such a gift to be guided along in that way.”  ~ Alexis Cohen


“I learned how much I need silence to truly hear myself and how restorative time in nature can be. I also felt heard and seen in a way I don't normally experience in my regular life. I felt momentarily freed of the burden of personality, the roles we play in society, and it was, literally and figuratively, a breath of fresh air to just lay down my defenses, be myself, and approach the world with curiosity and an open heart. Amy and her assistant were wise, loving guides that carefully organized the whole experience from start to finish, and I felt fully protected in their hands. I walked away with a strong desire to spend more time in nature and more time connecting to my inner voice.”  ~Sabrina Strand


 "The Nature Day provided an opportunity to disconnect from daily routine, tune into the present and my senses, and gain insight both through solitude time and group exercises.  I felt a sense of connection with nature that I hadn't felt in a long time, clarity of thought, and timelessness.  Overall, I was able to experiment with play, nurture my inner child, and embrace my individuality.  I left the experience refreshed, thoughtful, inspired, and connected."  ~Kira Olson



“We all came away with something we didn’t have before.”  ~Lisa Carter





"This was exactly what I needed.  The experience allowed us to be who we need to be.  It was magical! "             ~Danielle Cahill



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  New Year's Nature Day February 24, 2019, 10am-3pm

  Spring Nature Day April 6, 2019, 10am-5pm

  Fall Nature Day September 28, 2019, 10am-5pm



West Marin, exact location to be given upon registration.



$90 for New Year's Program.  $180 for all others, bring a friend and you each come for $150.

Includes a pre and post private phone call with me to be supported with your intentions and with integrating your Nature Day experience into your daily life.