Ready To Get Connected To

Your Purpose,

Get Clear On Your Next Steps,

and Feel Grounded

While Bonding In Nature With Other Women?




Here’s How Women In The Bay Area

Profoundly Transformed Their Lives

In Less Than One Year:

It’s With The Extraordinary, Life Changing Experiences

Of A Women’s Nature Circle


There are many amazing women in the Bay Area with so much to offer, yet they can get overwhelmed, stressed for time and may lack the support of safe and trusted friendships, or a qualified mentor for the encouragement and accountability needed to actualize their fullest potential.

Imagine being clearly connected to your purpose among a loyal circle of women while creating personal rites of passage in nature for the next chapter of your life. What would it be like to have full support, clarity, and confidence in living the truest expression of yourself?

My name is Amy Biesemeyer and I have a unique skill set of being a licensed psychotherapist, wilderness rites of passage guide and a spiritual practitioner. I help women feel clear and connected by spending time in nature, especially if they facing loss and challenging transitions. For more than 15 years, I have supported women to connect with their deepest, most authentic self with a blend of Ecopsychology and spiritual practices so that they can show up fully in their lives.  In this extraordinary journey, I am joined by two gifted MFT interns, Jen Poole and Sarah Scott, so that you have lots of support and holding for this journey.  


Is This You? You...

  • Desire connections with women that run deeper than social media and infrequent get-togethers, but lack the time and energy to create deep, on-going relationships.
  • Want to feel more connected to yourself and what really matters to you, yet the daily demands of life knock you off your center.
  • Feel most alive and happy outdoors and wish you’d make it more of a priority to get out in nature.
  • Experience the Earth as a teacher and medicine but don’t have a trusted guide to help you take this further.
  • Want clarity, deeper meaning and connection but are at a loss at how to do that.
  • You’re in transition and there are lot of unknowns in your life right now
  • You’re going through painful loss and long for safe, loving support.
  • You really want a deep connection to the Earth and a deep spiritual path.


What would it be like to:

  • Expand your capacity and power to make things happen in your life
  • Develop strong bonds and lasting friendships with other soulful women
  • Learn how to face and overcome your personal fears so you can feel confident in creating what’s next for you
  • Access your creativity through beautiful, Earth honoring rituals
  • Create personalized meditation practices that you can easily integrate into your day to day life for calm, grounded strength
  • Bond with the wild dreams, ideas and parts of yourself that have been buried as you integrate ALL of who you are into the next phase of your life
  • Experience the magic of sharpening your awareness and memory by connecting deeply with nature
  • Reconnect your personal biorhythms with the cycles of nature to increase your energy, health and vitality
  • Learn sacred practices to explore the deepest parts of your life and to get clear insights on the changes you are ready to make
  • Experience being witnessed, reflected and celebrated as you become the best version of yourself


Introducing the Women’s Earth Spirit Circle: A Women’s Yearlong Nature Adventure.


During our journey together, you will experience support, techniques and exercises inspired from the fields of Ecopsychology, Somatic Psychology, Expressive Arts, and spiritual practices rooted in Vajrayana Buddhism that include:

  • 3 Nature Daylongs over the course of the seasons to go deeper and reflect on your path and purpose with the rhythms and cycles of nature.
  • A Sweat Lodge Ceremony to ground, inspire and support your growth and healing for the year.
  • 18 Indoor Meetings throughout the year to create sacred space for authentic connections, lasting friendships, and learning nature based spiritual practices. 
  • A 3 Day Nature Retreat, with solo time and fasting, where you will create your own personal rites of passage for calling in energy and support for what’s most important to you.
  • A 9 Day Wilderness Journey, with solo time, backpacking and fasting, where you will learn safety, and grow your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity while being supported by the group and the practices you’ve been learning to prepare for this peak journey; you will receive the nurturing and solace of nature, explore important life questions, mark a life transition and/or claim a life change you are ready to make.
  • A 2 Day Culmination and Celebration Retreat to honor your growth over the course of our year together.


The Women’s Earth Spirit Circle is currently open and there are only three spots left!  Our first indoor meeting is April 21 in Larkspur.  The Circle will remain open until the next daylong on May 21st.  The group is intentionally kept small (under 7 women total) to cultivate the deepest connections and support.

We currently only have 3 spaces left!  And we’re starting April 21st!

Contact me today before the Circle fills up!  (415) 419-3557

"If you told me a year ago I would have the strength (both physical and inner) to repeatedly journey into the wilderness, I would have been highly skeptical. Chronic pain had drastically limited my ability to move. Yet with the care and guidance of leaders Amy and Jen, and the ongoing support of our circle of women, I was able to go beyond fear. In this group, I came to trust myself, my body and my relationship with nature again. I rediscovered a home base within myself that is strong, resilient, receptive and alive." ~Kamala Tully   

"The group ceremonies were among the most important journeying for me, as a witness and as a participant.  They way the space was held and created made a huge impact on my being.  I've been moving a little slower in the world and I now see that I am a powerful being with a powerful voice.  You have a profound way of helping me realize my full potential and help me see things about myself that I couldn't fully realize before. ~Jennifer Iadevia


We currently only have 3 spaces left!  And we’re starting April 21st!

DATES: April 2016-April 2017

Nature Daylongs: May 21, October 22, 2016 & February 11, 2017

Sweat Lodge Ceremony: exact date TBA

Nature Retreat: June 24-26, 2016

Wilderness Journey: July 22-31, 2016

Thursday indoor meetings: 18 total, 7-9pm, dates given upon request

Culmination & Celebration Retreat: April 14-16, 2017


We will meet in Marin County for the Thursday meetings and Daylongs.  The Retreat and Wilderness Journey will take place in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Exact locations to be given upon registration.


Your investment includes all meetings, outdoor excursions, and the sweat lodge, plus organic meals, insurance and camping fees for all of the overnight trips.

Contact me for details.


Feeling called to join this transformational Circle?!  Then I would love to talk with you!  

In order to create a strong container for your growth and exploration, I am committed to ensuring that each woman is a good fit for the circle. There is an application process where each woman will be personally interviewed by me so that I can ensure group compatibility.

Contact me so that we can start the process: or (415) 419-3557

Please include your name, phone number, the best time to reach you and what has sparked your interest.

We currently only have 3 spaces left!  And we’re starting April 21st!

Call today 415-419-3557 while there is still room!


Most women’s groups run by therapists don’t have the outdoor component because it is a unique and rare skill set to also be trained as a wilderness rites of passage guide.  Most vision quest-like experiences and personal growth outdoor trips don’t have the component of a long term group. Usually they are one-off experiences that don’t offer this level of sustained support and therapeutic guidance. Women will have huge transformations on a one time trip but won’t be able to sustain the transformation because they lack community and a dedicated guide to track their journey beyond the trip.


This is the year to nurture yourself and your dreams, and you don’t have to do it alone.  Let me, the earth and a supportive group be your guide! 



The Earth Spirit Circle brings together sisterhood, nature, and spirituality.  In this magical blend within a circle of women you will experience yourself as whole, interconnected and loved.  You will be supported to discover your gifts, see new possibilities, navigate life’s challenges or start new chapters!

The Earth Spirit Circle is open.  I’d love to hear from you if you are being called.

 I look forward to connecting with you!  




We currently only have 3 spaces left!  And we’re starting April 21st!

Contact me today!  (415) 419-3557 or 

I’m happy to answer your questions.

Please include your name, phone number, the best time to reach you, and what has sparked your interest.

Amy and Jen are true gifts to the rites of passage profession.  Amy is humble yet offers powerful wisdom and guidance.  She is very nurturing, clear, and honest.  Amy meets participants right where they are and then gracefully guides them beyond. Jen weaves together a deep connection with the earth, spirituality, and a sweet, playful, creative personality. I was very impressed with how well they deeply listened to each of our stories and then reflected back what they heard.  I felt so well held emotionally and spiritually, within such a strong 'container' that was created.  They offered so much wisdom for next steps in each of our lives.”  ~Kiea Spake Wade